Public Appeal for Revitalizing the vision of Hind Swaraj

This is an appeal to support by contributing Rs/$/Euro 11/ - (Eleven only)towards the public Commemoration of Hind Swaraj Centenary. HindSwaraj, written in 1909, is the most comprehensive presentation of Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of culture of nonviolence. Swaraj, he declared, is “in which the poorest will feel it is their country and in whose making they will have an effective voice”. Such a State is known as Swaraj, Ramrajya, Khudai Rajya and The Kingdom of God on Earth. Gandhiji said “Swaraj is a sacred word… meaning self rule and self restraint, and not freedom from all restraint, which independence often means.” Hind Swaraj is a political, cultural and spiritual manifesto for those who strive to protect the honour and dignity of human beings and nations. To honour the Centenary of Hind Swaraj, (November1909-2009), Swaraj Peeth has launched since 2001 a decade-long series of programmes to bring the ideal of Swaraj, Swaraj-awareness, into today’s discourse on nation building; democracy, freedom and justice by holding Hind Swaraj study sessions, Swaraj Dialogue and building Shanti Sena.

We can not afford to ignore Gandhiji’s most essential teachings because only through that India and the world can liberate itself from exploitation, violence, domination and ecological disaster

Today the same ideal of nonviolence and Swaraj live in the vision and methods of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In order to Commemorate the Centenary of Hind Swaraj, leading upholders and students of Hind Swaraj from all over the world will meet for four days in Delhi from 19th till 22nd November 2009; work on an action plan that every individual, family and society can follow in order to contribute to the making of a non-exploitative, nonviolent order. This plan will be presented to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, with a request to take the leadership of a global movement of nonviolence.

Help us make this cause a cause of masses by donating Rs/$/Euro Eleven. Your contribution is unique from the point of view of building a larger community of believers in culture of nonviolence or Swaraj. Your donation is your priceless vote for a society free from fear, free from violence and free from exploitation.


Convenor, HHCC
Dr. Niru Vora


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